Minggu, 10 Februari 2008

The Incredibles in Google Trends

Have you heard about Google Trends? Probably not, it is not very well known among Google users.

Google trends is a tool who shows how often a keyword is searched in Google. The keyword should have a minimum search volume, otherwise the answer you receive will be:"Your terms....do not have enough search volume to show graphs." More, it gives the option to compare different keywords searches. For this what you have to do is to input the keywords in the search box separated by commas. You can see the trend history, you can choose a region or a city or see in which city was most searched.

Hot Trends shows you what the people search for. It is amazing to see that in US - yesterday November 22nd, 2007 (but, of course you can change the date if you would like to see other date) - the people were very very very interested in ... 'national dog show'. 'circuit city' was on 4th position - of course was Thanksgiving!!! - 'how to curve a turkey' on 9th and "how long to cook a turkey "on 100th (I thought everyone knows that). After you select the term you can see the web results and in which news the term appeared.

The top 100 is funny (unpredictable most of the time - I can't believe what people are searching for!), but the tool is not. Google Trends is really useful for SEO experts.

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