Minggu, 28 Februari 2010

Search Engine Optimization Strategy

A well planned and well thought out search engine optimization strategy is key to running a successful search engine optimization campaign. Search engine optimization strategy changes often. The biggest key to this change is based on the new rules search engines such as Google decide to change their search parameters and algorithms to. It is article marketing. Article marketing is the process of writing and submitting articles to article directories. The benefit for you and your website is high quality anchor texted backlinks. The benefit for the article directories is content. Article directories want good high quality content to fill their directories with. The benefit for search engines is also content. Search engines love textual content and therefore there's no better textual content like articles. If you are creating good high quality and relevant content in the form of articles, the search engines will index your content, rank it high in the search engines and give you backlink credit for it.

You can have reciprocal links which are two-way links that link two websites together. Search engines much prefer one-way backlinks.

This article is only a snippet of information about search engine optimization strategy. There's much more to know about search engine optimization strategy and article marketing. There are tons of videos proving that article marketing works as an effective search engine optimization strategy.

Rabu, 24 Februari 2010

5 Ways to Get Your Site Indexed By Today

If your website is not indexed by search engines, it will not appear on the search engine listings.
  1. Submitting a XML sitemap to search engines. The xml sitemap includes links to every page of your website. It is a file that you can submit to search engines to get your pages indexed. By submitting your xml sitemap, you will notify the search engines about your website and index every page of it.
  2. Create a HTML sitemap page on your website. This allows visitors to navigate your site easily and allow search engine spiders to follow the links and discover all pages.
  3. Place HTML text links on your website. Search engine spiders follow HTML text links to discover other pages of your website.
  4. Directory submission. Submit your website URL to a list of SEO-friendly directories.
  5. Article marketing. Social media sites are generally indexed regularly by search engines. So by placing your website URL on social sites, search engines spiders can discover your URL very quickly and index your new website.
Search engine spiders are looking for new websites and pages every day.

Rabu, 17 Februari 2010

Keyword Research Critical To SEO

Proper keyword research should be the basis of your optimization.

Keyword Research Critical?
Keyword research determines which keywords you should be targeting with the SEO. Most people think that they know which keywords they should target. For example, "search engine optimization" gets an estimated 16,000 searches a day while "search engine marketing" gets an estimated 8,800 searches a day. If your gut tells you to target "search engine marketing", you may get great rankings, but it would only get you half of the traffic that you could have had if you had targeted and ranked well for "search engine optimization". So it's a key component of search engine optimization.

There are two main aspects to keyword research.

The first is popularity, how often are keywords actually searched for. The keyword popularity tools (other than Google's) use the search data from a number of other smaller search engines along with a few algorithms to predict how many searches are being made for specific keywords. You may wish to use both Google and another keyword popularity tool.

The second aspect to keyword research is competition research. Competition research starts with analyzing your web pages to determine how competitive your site is both in general and for specific keywords. Determining keyword difficulty is done partially by examining how competitive the pages are that rank well for this keyword, though other methods can be helpful as well.
1. No one other than that search engine designers knows how each search engine determines how competitive a site or page is and the search engine folks aren't talking.
2. Each search engine has a different way of determining how competitive a site or page is.

Without good keyword research, your search engine optimization efforts will be like firing a gun into the dark. You may choose keywords that are not searched for or keywords that are way too competitive for your site at that time